Nuvata's Mind-Body Series Offers Full Mind & Full Body Varieties

 - Apr 30, 2019
References: & prnewswire
Nuvata, a new premium cannabis vaporizer brand, recently introduced its Mind-Body series, which offers six different kinds of experiences and flavor profiles. The range includes naturally flavored cannabis oil with THC and CBD levels to create varieties like Full Mind, Mind-Body Balance, Body Dominant and Full Body, as well as other in-between options.

The color-coded system offers a user-friendly way for consumers to get familiar with cannabis and enjoy the kinds of experiences that are best suited to their needs and preferences. Naturally, Mind-Body Balance is the most well-rounded of the series, promising to sharpen one's focus and calm the body.

The colorful yet inconspicuous disposable vaporizers are offered in flavors that match their bright packaging, such as tangerine, lime and wild grape.