From Solid All-Natural Fragrances to Celebrity Body Oils

 - Jul 15, 2018
The July 2018 cosmetics products offer a wide range of different makeup, hair, and skincare products for both women and men.

Further contributing to the demand for more inclusive shade ranges in makeup is the new Lush foundation line, which boasts 40 variations that all come in eco-friendly packaging. The foundations offer a medium coverage finish, which can be built up to provide more coverage when needed. With so many shades available, Lush decided to host professional color-matching sessions with consumers, helping them to ensure that they find the right one for them.

Another interesting product comes from Evergreen Organix, which released an SPF 30 anti-aging sunscreen that's formulated with THC. With the infusion of THC, the sunscreen helps to sooth the skin once it's applied, preventing it from getting inflamed or sensitive in the sun.