'Disco Gloss' by Winky Lux Changes from Clear to Pink

 - Jun 30, 2018
References: winkylux & cosmeticsbusiness
Winky Lux previously made a name for itself with lip products containing real chrysanthemums and its newest launch—a series of glitter lip glosses—is just as photo-worthy.

The 'Disco Gloss' from Winky Lux is available with glitter in either pink, orange, green and blue, while the formula itself goes from clear to a unique shade of pink based on the user's pH levels. In the spirit of the disco era, each of the glosses takes on a retro name like 'Groovy' or 'Far Out.'

As well as selling full-sized tubes of colorful, glittering lip gloss, Winky Lux is also sharing Mini Disco Glosses and even a Mini Disco Gloss Kit with consumers who are looking to try out all of the products in a smaller format.