- Feb 23, 2019
The list of February 2019 lifestyle trends brings value to those of any age, bringing elevated levels of convenience and function to day-to-day experiences. A great example this month is a product by MOBY, which is essentially a piece that is both a hip seat and a baby carrier. It is designed with the carrier's ergonomic health in mind, whilst also ensuring longevity by extending useful purposes from newborn to toddler.

It can be used in a variety of formats to meet the comfort needs of parents and babies. When the child grows older, they are able to hold themselves upright in a hip seat wrapped around the caregiver. Another lifestyle trend this month is a timely piece by Hallmark -- its Paper Wonder Valentine's Day cards are designed to be three-dimensional. It raises to showcase an intricately cut scene with 20 different designs.

From Transformative Baby Carriers to Multidimentional Cards: