Stupid Studio and Jacob Sørensen Work on a Digital Addiction Cure

 - Jan 19, 2019
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Digital addiction is a serious concern that many users don't even recognize that they have to address. As a result, Jacob Sørensen -- a student of interaction design, collaborates with Copenhagen-based Stupid Studio on an innovative digital detox product that is non-digital in its essence.

Many individuals opt-in for mindfulness apps that pledge to decrease your screen time, however, it is problematic that these 'helpers' are essentially device-dependent themselves. The 'Zmartphone Blocker' arises as a concept that promises to end digital addiction the old fashioned way by systematically countering tech and social media impulses in a non-connected manner.

The Zmartfone Blocker boasts "10 reusable detox patches for the smartphone addict." Users patch their screen and only use the device when they absolutely need to by peeling off the patch and sticking it to the back of their phone.