- May 17, 2019
In the information age, frequent digital detoxes are quite necessary as they benefit wellness and concentration. While some need a long time away from their phones, others prefer to be absent for short amounts of time on frequent intervals. This list presents a variation of digital detoxes — from ones that completely abolish the use of the mobile smartphone to ones that provide windows of small breaks.

As this list of digital detoxes would suggest, there is quite a focus on creating anti-distraction cellphones. That is, mobile devices that contain the bare minimum for on-the-go communication. Examples here include the Punkt MP02 and the Moto Zen.

As for the direct blockage of cellular activity, simple solutions like Stupid Studio and Jacob Sørensen's reusable and adhesive detox patches are made available to individuals.

From Phone-Free Travel Services to Anti-Distraction Cellphones: