The Conceptual 'Plant' System by Colt Chow Both Heats and Ventilates

 - Jan 23, 2019
References: yankodesign
The conceptual 'Plant' system has been designed by Colt Chow as a solution for consumers in China as a space-saving way to keep living spaces well-ventilated and comfortably through the winter months.

The system doubles as both an air purifier and a fresh air ventilation system that makes the most of unused space above windows. An integrated primary filter and carbon filter work together to infuse the space with fresh air from outside, while making sure that it has been cleaned of all potential contaminants that might be lurking in it.

The conceptual 'Plant' system hides in plain sight by looking like a traditional window covering and can be controlled via the accompanying app to let users maintain optimized functionality at all times.