- Feb 23, 2019
The February 2019 art & design round-up highlights examples from a variety of industries — from social media and furniture design to architecture and fashion. One common denominator is the tech-infused aesthetics of the products, as well as the ever-growing dedication to sustainability.

In the fashion industry, the desire of cruelty-free apparel is fueling substantial initiatives, one of which is Vegan Fashion Week — an entirely new concept that will run for four days in Los Angeles and will raise environmental and ethical concerns through informative exhibitions and panel talks. Another example of growing consumer and designer consciousness is Austrian furniture brand One for Hundred which plants 100 trees per each item sold.

Other products in the February 2019 art & design round-up are, of course, purely for aesthetic purposes and this includes The Bentel Brothers' squiggly eyewear and the Insta Tee by Ironic Lux.

From Shoppable Office Pop-Ups to Remote Elongated Barns: