From In-Store Selfie Contests to Exploratory Social Campaigns

 - Apr 26, 2015
As much as digital, virtual or otherwise augmented experiences are prized by today's tech-savvy consumers, many of the top April 2015 interactive ideas favor in-person interaction. In Better and Faster, a New York Times bestselling release from chief Trend Hunter Jeremy Gutsche, this pattern is described as divergence. Divergence is classified as a movement away from what's happening in the mainstream—this can be seen in products and services that stress personalization, rebellion, status and exclusivity.

Aiming to make brick and mortar locations worth visiting, clothing retailer Joe Fresh is hosting a social media contest that revolves around its dressing room mirrors. Similarly, the Fbox is a counter that helps a physical location boast the influence it has on social media. Rejecting the notion that business has to be either online or offline, these experiences find a happy medium in between.