- Jan 17, 2013
The idea of what a vacation could look like became a lot more customizable in 2012, with tons of niche travel trends available.

For the young ones -- or the young at heart -- the Hello Kitty airport is a great way to start your vacation off the way you like it; if fantasy is more your thing, check out the Hobbit-inspired airports. Hotels became all the more imaginative as well -- live out your fantasies in the fairy tale-themed accommodations, or scare your kids straight in the jailhouse hotel.

More practical travel trends were observed as well in 2012. Single-use toothpaste packets make brushing your teeth in those sardine-can airplane bathrooms much easier, while baggage tag branding makes your luggage recognizable and chic.

If you're planning a vacation and looking for some interesting ideas, check out our travel microtrends for inspiration. If, however, you're looking to connect these microtrends to greater consumer patterns, take a peek at our Travel Trend Report.

From Upscale Feline Airports to Four Alarm Hotel Suites: