The 'Walking Drawings' by Evewright are Masterpieces

 - Jul 10, 2012
References: evewrightstudio & evewrightstudio
The 'Walking Drawings' by Evewright are the coastline interpretation of the mystical crop circle phenomenon.

Fabricating a swirling pattern from the trodden path left by horses (or even people), Evewright choreographs massive seaside displays of art. The beaten trail of sand creates spidery imprints on the sand just by the water. The exhibit is made up of three instalments, with the first two drawn by horses while the final is created by blue-covered volunteers. With all pieces scrawled into the London coastline, the making of the picturesque patterns was documented on film.

What makes the piece more beautiful is its consideration for the environment. The designs surely left some passers by scratching their heads (and in awe, of course) before the tide came to wash the coast anew.