The 'How Technology is Changing World Travel' Infograph is Surprising

 - May 31, 2012
References: coolinfographics
This 'How Technology is Changing World Travel' infograph is a stat-loaded chart detailing the ways in which an increasing presence of tech is altering the way we understand globetrotting.

Laden with facts about airlines, accommodation and the companies that help us do this, the graph is a helpful snapshot of this industry. With surprising information, such as the way in which couch-surfing is gaining popularity, this provides tips as well as data regarding travel. Though the infograph is travel-based, the chart really hones in on the way in which the availability of wireless technology is affecting people's purchasing habits. Interestingly, it's predicted that the UK will lead the way in terms of e-commerce.

This infograph, which provides both a snapshot of the current and projected stats regarding tech travel, is a useful tool for both travelers and those working within the industry.