The Friend House Ecohotel is Made Exclusively from Natural Materials

 - Apr 18, 2012
References: ryntovt & gizmag
While many designers are making a push toward incorporating more sustainable, environmentally friendly architectural practices into their aesthetic, the Friend House ecohotel in the Ukraine has really run with the concept.

Constructed entirely from naturally occurring materials -- specifically wood, clay, stone and reed -- the cavernous vacation spot makes for a strangely serene getaway.

Each room is spherical in shape and connected to the other rooms in the hotel by a singular, wooden roof that rests atop the suites in a manner resembling how a teeter-tooter balances on a tipping point. Each bulbous dwelling has several windows that, from the outside, appear as finger holes in a bowling ball.

The curiously designed retreat is located on a large patch of land near the Ukraine's Orel River and is truly a spot for those who want to feel closer to nature.