'Titanic by the Numbers' Infographic Details the Famous Nautical Disaster

 - Apr 8, 2012
References: history
The Titanic By The Numbers infographic recounts some of the details associated with the famous Ocean Liner that tragically sunk in 1912.

Revitalized by James Cameron's blockbuster smash hit, and now again with the film being re-released in 3D, the luxury cruise ship crash is one of the most famous nautical disasters in history.

The chart documents the technical specifications of the ship that was almost 900' long and burned over 650 tons of coal daily -- not very environmentally friendly by today's standards, but certainly a nautical marvel in those days.

There were approximately 2,220 people on board when the ship hit the iceberg and begun its slow decline into the frigid Atlantic Ocean, which (perhaps luckily) was only 75% of its total capacity.

Also documenting the chances of survival for each class of person on the ship, with the percentage growing larger for those higher on the social ladder, the chart paints a tragic tale of the effect that money had on one's life, and ultimately death, in that century.