Skycare Chair is Optimized for Aircraft Maneuvering and Independence

 - Jan 24, 2012
References: brian-liang & yankodesign
Passengers with two working legs may find it difficult to enough to move around an airplane during flight, making equipment such as the Skycare Chair invaluable to those with physical disabilities. A range of challenges are confronted by flyers bound to wheelchairs -- obstacles that this invention begins to solve.

The collapsible contraption is light, folds compactly and is consequently ideal for storing in close-packed aircraft compartments. However, when fully expanded, it remains narrow enough to maneuver confined aisles and broad enough to provide ergonomic comfort. Most notably, however, is its effortless operation.

Brian Liang's Skycare Chair is driven with the help of handlebars at the front, allowing the user to push forward for onward motion and backward for reverse. The apparatus makes it easier for people to propel themselves inflight, eliminating the necessary patience and embarrassment of relying on attendants' assistance.