The Francisco Garcia Cosmo January 2013 Shoot is Sun-Filled

As we get closer and closer to Christmas, many people start fantasizing about lavish trips to tropical islands -- luckily for them, photographer Francisco Garcia was thinking the same thing when he linked up with model Megan McNierney and shot an editorial for the Cosmo January 2013 issue.

Francisco Garcia is a Canadian photographer with an eye for capturing exuberance and sensuality in photos, without leaning too heavily into one so as to diminish the other. Throughout this Cosmo January 2013 editorial with Megan McNierney, he manages to capture McNierney's high-class sex appeal in a way that is both mysteriously alluring and buoyant.

My favorite image in the Francisco Garcia-Megan McNierney Cosmo January 2013 editorial shows McNierney in a pink Juicy Couture sweater and matching shorts. Her right hand is behind her head and she stares into the camera longingly -- the image exudes the fantasy of a laid-back, high-class resort trip. If you didn't feel like a vacation before, watch how Francisco Garcia and the Cosmo January 2013 issue make you green with envy.