Shantanu Starick is Travelling Penniless Using the Pixel Trade

 - Nov 11, 2012
References: thepixeltrade
Photographer Shantanu Starick is living the dream traveling the world with no money and getting by using a pixel trade.
The way it works is Starick is trading his photography services for simple things like food, shelter and transportation. Any additional offerings are just a bonus. Starick does any and every means of photography for anyone willing to do an exchange. He does fashion, special occasion and even portrait photography.

Starick’s whole concept to travel by this means is astonishing, and the fact that he is pulling it off is even more amazing. The pixel trade takes him all over the world. After each photograph is edited he then asks the person he’s traded with to recommend a new prospect for trading.

Starick is shaking up the way you can travel, so check out his autumn 2013 photos, and next time you’re planning a trip consider the pixel trade.