The Bike-Fueled Cottage Lodge TV Operates on Foot Peddling

 - May 15, 2012
References: cottagelodge & gizmag
The bike-fueled Cottage Lodge TV is an eco-friendly solution to powering the screen viewing habits of its guests.

Located in the New Forest National Park in Brockenhurst, the bed and breakfast sports a two-wheeler nestled in front of the television that is used to power the tube without using a carbon-footprint heavy power source. The LCD screen in the hotel room can instead be charged up by motoring away on the stationary bike.

The batteries located inside of the unit will store the energy until it is needed to ensure that the picture on the screen does not suddenly conk out because the rider took a break from peddling. This is also an option for the health-addict in that one can get the workout garnered from a spin class while catching up on their soap operas.