From Flirty Duo Desserts to Sugary Sweet Toadstools

 - Jul 26, 2012
These scrumptious cupcake confections are only a small collection of the millions of possibilities out there. Though the concept is simple—a small, two-bite cake topped with icing or decor of any kind -- the variety is mind-blowing.

Seeing as there are so many crazy concoctions out there like Cerebral Cupcakes (shaped and gruesomely detailed like a brain) as well as Vagina Cupcakes (no explanation needed here), cupcakes are the perfect canvas for an artist’s imagination. Their small size enables chefs to give each delicacy more attention and detail that is otherwise too time consuming or too massive of a project if it were done on a cake.

However, it is proven that the cupcake industry does not rely on the outrageous factor for them to sell. Booming in New York City are gourmet cupcake stores that feature just the more conventional tastes like coffee, butterscotch, double chocolate, tiramisu, lemon and hazelnut. So whether you are an adventurous eater or just a sugar junkie, there is a cupcake choice for you.