These Cute Cupcake Boxes are 100% Edible

There have been more than a few confection-inspired cases floating around the Internet these days, but these Cupcake Boxes from the blog Sweet Simple Stuff are unique for one simple and delicious reason: they are 100% edible. Yes, now you can have a sweet cupcake case and eat it too.

These Cupcake Boxes are comprised of a candy base molded into the shape of a typical cupcake sleeve. The case is closed with a hallowed out meringue acting as a top. As a final flourish, Sweet Simple Stuff used melted white chocolate to fix a few pearled candies to each meringue shell. Once completed, stuff your Cupcake Box with an assortment of your Valentine's favorite sweets and you're sure to get loads of lovin' in return.

Cute, crafty and tasty, these edible Cupcake Boxes are sure to win you your sweetie's affections.