These Compost Cupcakes are for Chocolate-Lovers with Green Thumbs

Cupcake fans and earth-lovin' mommas will get a kick out of these daringly decadent Compost Cupcakes. Created by the baking wizards at the Seattle-based bakery 'Cupcake Royale,' these eco cakes feature some of the best ingredients around. Boasting a little something for everybody and a novel appearance that is hard to pass up, these faux soil treats will please even the most discerning cupcake aficionados.

A veritable smorgasbord of delectables like coconut, vanilla cake crumbs, coffee, oats and even a light sprinkling of potato chips, these Compost Cupcakes have got it going on. To add to the cake's earthy appearance, a sprinkle of mint is added as a final flourish. Aptly titled and fit to bursting with a wide variety of yummies, these garden-centric confections will have green thumbed snackers grinning ear to ear.

Delicious, playful and cleverly styled, these treats offer an unexpectedly tasty take on the traditional stomach-turning compost heap.