'Löffle Mich' Jars of Cake Combine Convenience and Quality

In what is a refreshing update to the ubiquitous cupcake, ridiculously adorable 'Löffle Mich' jars of cake are gaining popularity around the Web. Similarly sized to cupcakes, these are a more practical take on miniature confections.

Created by Austrian baking company 'babe's kuchenfantasien,' the pint-sized cakes are a more portable way of eating desserts. The little desserts come in wonderfully colorful and straightforward packaging, complete with a mini spoon. The jars of cake, which come in a slew of flavors, are created using only fresh and natural ingredients without any artificial flavorings -- a bonus on top of an already lovable product.

Health-conscious, convenient and with a flavor for every palate, these jars of cake are the most exciting dessert debut in a long while. Focusing on quality and convenience and not solely on decoration, this is a much-welcomed breath of fresh air into the baking scene.

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