The 'Life is Sweets' Blog Creates Magical-Looking Treats

These camouflage whoopie pies, as featured on the blog 'Life is Sweets' will sure turn heads at your next get-together. They are bold, psychedelic and daring, but nonetheless, most likely delicious.

The cake layers are flavored with luscious french vanilla and colored with the according colors using a gel dye. The batter is split into four different bowls at first and with a glop of color here and there, the vanilla batter soon becomes a mixture of kid-enticing wonder.

The various shades of the batter are then spooned separately in a random fashion into baking pans. Into the oven, and out comes an edible, medallion shaped version of a flattened cupcake. Sandwiched between some funky buttercream, the final treat might just be the dare for the next office party.

After all, it will be pretty hard to turn away from these attractive, tempting little buggers from Life is Sweets.