These Zodiac Cupcakes are the Perfect Treat for the Mystic in Your Life

Whether or not you believe in the mystical powers of the stars, you have to admit these Zodiac Cupcakes are magical. Crafted by the capable hands at the Colchester-based bakery Crumbles Cakes, these Zodiac Cupcakes are a cut above. Surprise your favorite Pisces or Capricorn with these sugary stunners and you'll be sure to earn a boatload of good karma.

These darling Zodiac Cupcakes show off the remarkable fondant-wielding skills of Crumbles Cakes. The perfect treat for the avid star gazers and mystics in your circle of friends, these sensational petite cakes are veritable show-stoppers. You'll be the hero at any party with these gorgeous cakes under your arm. While the answers to all of life's problems may not be written in the stars, these cosmic cakes are sure to solve more than a few.

Artistic, creative and impressively detailed, these Zodiac Cupcakes will have you looking enthusiastically skywards.