- Mar 24, 2018
These March 2018 cosmetics trends showcase a vast selection of makeup and skincare products, as well as unique fragrances that have recently hit store shelves.

One campaign that especially stands out comes from CoverGirl, with the popular beauty brand choosing to promote its 'truBLEND Foundation' line with model Amy Deanna as a spokesperson. As Deanna has vitiligo, a skin condition that affects the levels of pigment in the skin, she functions as the perfect representative to speak to the beauty in uniqueness, and embracing one's differences by enhancing them in their beauty routine, rather than trying to hide them.

Also featured are the 'Lilo & Stitch' makeup brushes that were created by Box Lunch. A total of five brushes comprise the collection, and a large Stitch figure that has a hollowed center is included, which functions as a holder.

From Liquid Gold Highlighters to Fragrance-Carrying Bracelets: