The PRO Restorsea LipMagic Treats Layers of Skin That Form with Age

 - Feb 1, 2018
References: restorsea & refinery29
Restorsea is an innovative skincare brand that makes clinically proven products reduce signs of aging, including its award-winning PRO Restorsea LipMagic.

This product targets the extra layer of skin that forms over the lip with age and as the brand notes, "creates the illusion that the lip line is fading or thinning." The product is suitable for all skin types promises to define the lip area with a unique ingredient that includes an enzyme excreted by baby salmon so that they may break down the egg's shell and hatch. Science has shown that this same enzyme is effective for eating dead skin cells, so its properties are taken advantage of in this product, causing lips to look fuller.

As well as featuring the active ingredient Aquabeautine XL, the PRO Restorsea LipMagic also includes soybean seed extract to stimulate the production of collagen.