From Elaborate Umbrella Hats to Hands-free Cruising Cars

 - Jul 29, 2018
The July 2018 luxury trends cover a wide range of high-end innovations and services that are ideal for consumers who are looking to live large, or represent a particular ideal that they feel has significance.

As a result, a number of immaculate fashion campaigns are spotlighted, in addition to a range of statement-making jewelry designs. One particularly bold piece was done for 'Gucci Gang' rapper Lil Pump, who commissioned a $360,000 USD diamond chain necklace to be made of his own face.

Another example of extravagant luxury comes from Rick Joy Architects, a studio that designed the stunning Le Cabanon holiday home in Turks and Caicos. Made to embrace the landscape the that surrounds it, the home boasts gorgeous views and plenty of natural light, enabling its inhabitants to truly appreciate the area. This is further enhanced by the large infinity pool that's outside.