- Feb 24, 2018
Between transparent in-store beauty campaigns, immersive technology and exciting in-store experiences, these February 2018 retail trends demonstrate that brands are continuing to shift to further convenience and engage a consumer.

High-end fashion brands are attempting to attract an experience-oriented consumer through offering one-of-a-kind retail experiences, like Gucci's Florence-based fashion museum, which served as a retail space and a museum. Other brands, like Walmart are attempting to attract a higher-end clientele, with a new personal shopping service, as well as luxury offerings.

Meanwhile, companies are integrating in-store technology to learn the habits of its consumers to offer a more streamlined retail experience. For example, 'Kroger Edge' technology offers consumers a digital price tag of items on a store's shelf, and even provides nutrition information and related videos. Apps have also played a crucial role in the retail world, as apps like 'Benebit' attempt to unify retail's loyalty programs using digital tokens, while the Benefit beauty app enables consumers to try-on products, prior to buying them.

From AR Changing Rooms to Self-Serve Convenience Stores: