From Color-Correcting Hair Kits to Gel Makeup Applicators

 - Aug 27, 2017
These August 2017 cosmetic trends feature everything from bath bomb-inspired makeup looks, to collagen beauty beverages that help consumers to look and feel youthful from the inside out.

Although most of the products in this grouping of August 2017 cosmetic trends come from celebrated beauty brands and influencers, there's a few examples that fall out of these categories as well. One of the most unique is probably Chez Maxim Oriental, a Montreal-based restaurant who gifts its diners with face masks instead of mints. With this, the restaurant gives those who visit a mini spa treatment when they return home -- promoting them to make a return visit while allowing them to explore different beauty products.

Also featured is the new eyeshadow collection from Strobe Cosmetics. Dubbed the 'Bay of Dragons Collection,' the brand's new offering takes advantage of the newly revitalized hype surrounding Game of Thrones by offering a themed palette that's inspired by Daenerys Targaryen's dragon children.