Kimberley Margarita Creates Elaborate Looks Inspired by Lush's Products

 - Jul 21, 2017
References: instagram & popsugar
Kimberley Margarita, a popular beauty blogger, began using her face as an art canvas shortly after she was diagnosed with endometriosis, a painful condition that reportedly kept her at home in order to cope with it's symptoms.

Like many consumers, Kimberley Margarita is a fan of natural beauty brand Lush's bath products, due to their bright bright colors, unique shapes, and soothing properties. In order to promote her fandom, the beauty blogger started posting Lush-inspired makeup looks on her Instagram account, which has amassed an impressive following of almost 550 thousand.

All of the Lush-inspired looks feature prominent colors from the different bath bombs, as well as shapes, accents, and textures that also reflect them.