- Apr 19, 2019
The range of April 2019 social good concepts explores activism and charitable approaches in a number of creative ways. There are brands that spotlight artistic approaches, whilst others go about social good in a more traditional sense.

The Placeholder magazine officially launched at a Court Street Grocers event and it featured artwork by Japanese artist Sho Shibuya. She spotlights the Thank You plastic bags in order to raise awareness surrounding plastic waste -- to accompany the magazine are also a set of seaweed fiber t-shirts. The proceeds from the publication will also go to the Parley AIR initiative.

Another great social good example this month was exercised by 'Wear Your Meds.' It showcases a series of colorful buttons that represent a variety of medications that are meant for mental illnesses. The purpose of this is to destigmatize mental health and promote dialogue about it.

From Awareness Raising Publications to Medical Buttons: