Virtue Creates 'Q' — the First Genderless Voice for Smart Technology

 - Mar 13, 2019
References: cnbc & designtaxi
'Q' is a genderless voice that fits the category of 'Siri' and 'Alexa.' Conceptualized by Vice's creative agency — Virtue, the tech endeavor is a direct response of the movement toward equality on a non-gender binary level. It also seeks to raise awareness and confront social bias. As Apple, Amazon, and Google release assistants that are coded female in respect to their default voices, 'Q' is a testimony of the strong tide that is shaping contemporary society.

'Q' is in the beginning stages of development. Although the genderless voice does "fulfills the qualities of existing virtual assistants" in the sense that it is warm and helpful, Virtue's creation has not yet been integrated with AI to perform tasks.
To develop the genderless voice, Virtue partnered with Copenhagen Pride and composed 'Q' by layering five voices of individuals who identify as neither male or female.