- Jan 13, 2019
An inherent and important component of pretty much any industry, the 2018 design trends highlight some incredibly creative examples of products and activations that elevate aesthetics and experiences.

DOZO Tea taps into design from an illustrative perspective. This largely impacts consumer perception of the company, hence, it is important that the approach is well-thought out. The campaign project is completed by Cape Town creative Gerhard Human and French agency DOERS who produce a playful comic-style brand identity for their clients that entertains and boasts a slick style.

Other products in the 2018 design trends list build on UX and UI for a seamless product interaction. The CrunchCup by Yanko Design or James Brands' durable EDC pens are bound to bring straight-forward and convenient functionality in one's life.

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From Beautiful Japanese Comic Campaigns to Multipurpose Pen Phones: