The LEAP Ergonomic Pick Addresses Issues Seen in Conventional Designs

 - Dec 3, 2018
References: bogstreet & yankodesign
Guitar picks have remained unchanged for decades but the LEAP ergonomic pick aims to end the frustrations of conventional offerings. Designed by Paul Holcomb, the LEAP ergonomic pick came from personal qualms with the flimsy and slippery nature of conventional picks. The design was further bolstered when Holcomb examined the design of a fidget spinner, which led to the distinct cavity in the center of the ergonomic pick.

In addition to the center cavity, the LEAP ergonomic pick also features three different pick sides and a contoured centerpiece to provide stability and comfort. Each of the corners offer varying levels of thickness, ensuring players won't have to search endlessly for a pick with the perfect rigidity. The LEAP ergonomic pick is currently offered in two varieties, a thinner one for rhythm guitarists and a thicker one for lead guitarists.