- Dec 15, 2018
Shopping for musicians can often be difficult as most music makers already have an extensive list of equipment they own -- however, this list of gift ideas for musicians is sure to feature something innovative that appeals to almost any musician, regardless of instrument or style.

Designed to be part toy and part musical instrument, the Oddball pocket drum allows the user to move and engage in action to create sound. Capable of fitting in the palm of a user's hand, the pocket drum machine features an incredibly durable design and is meant to be bounced with significant force against various materials. The Oddball also comes with an accompanying app that lets users record their creations and further augment them.

Also featured on this list are a pair of 3D-printed hi-fi earplugs. Earplugs are key to all musicians that understand the importance of their hearing and this offering manages to provide musicians with a stylish option that doesn't skimp on performance. Their unique circular shape takes advantage of a round acoustic channel and is meant to replicate the natural way the ear filters sound. This means the earplugs don't simply block or distort sound, instead they simply dial the audio back to a safe level.

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