'Dodeka Music' Teaches Music Theory Through a Revamped Keyboard

 - Jan 16, 2018
References: dodeka.info & producthunt
For adults without much of a musical background, the daunting task of learning music theory is often the stopper that prevents them from taking up an instrument, but with Dodeka Music, learning the language of music is easier than ever. The revolutionary system introduces a new system of notes and a revamped keyboard all designed to make picking up music faster and easier.

Musical notation is detailed but tricky, with sharps, flats, and key signatures making it slow to master for virtually all students. Dodeka Music removes accidentals altogether, placing all twelve notes in the chromatic scale on the same staff with a series of bars.

Perhaps even more revolutionary than this new notation system is the Dodeka keyboard, which takes away the raised sharp and flat keys from the traditional keyboard and replaces them with a completely level set.