The 'Roadie Bass' Uses Vibration Sensors to Achieve Precise Tuning

 - Jun 11, 2018
References: roadietuner & newatlas
The Roadie Bass is an extraordinary bass guitar tuner that makes use of robotic technologies to make it easier than ever for musicians to get a completely precise tuning job in less time when compared to traditional and other forms of seemingly high-tech tuning solutions.

Much like its predecessors the Roadie and Roadie 2, the Roadie Bass utilizes vibration-sensing technologies rather than a microphone. As any musician knows, tuning your instrument in a jam space or a noisy venue can be a nightmare due to the variety of noises on offer, which is precisely why vibration-monitoring is such a godsend.

In addition to ultra-reliable tuning, this bass guitar tuner also lets players choose from a variety of tunings that even take into account five-string and six-string basses, making this $209 gadget a no-brainer for serious bassists.