This Custom Backpack is Crafted By Vietnamese Artisans Using Your Ideas

 - Dec 4, 2018
References: jacquesilbert & kickstarter
The world of custom-designed accessories has a disruptive new entrant in the form of Jacques Silbert, a company that allows you to design your own custom backpack online before having it crafted for you by master leather workers in Vietnam.

The Vietnamese city of Hoi An is home to some of the world's most gifted leather artisans, but it's understandable that a flight to Southeast Asia isn't most people's first option when they need to go backpack-shopping. This is where Jacques Silbert comes in. The service doesn't just offer a product that scores through the roof on style, sturdiness, comfort and bespoke appeal, but it also offers a wonderful customer experience that transcends the enjoyment of the final product.

It all starts with an online design tool that allows you to envision your backpack by letting you choose between a dozen different leather textures and colors ranging from marbled dark blue to bright, orange-tainted tan hues. The extent of customization is spectacular, as you can select colors and textures for the main backpack structure, front pocket, rear panel and even the straps, handle and zipper. You can even go so far as to customize the interior before topping it all off by having your initials embroidered on the bag.

Once you finish the addictive process of designing your backpack and submit your creation, a leather worker in Vietnam then works by hand to turn your vision into reality. The end result is a backpack that observes phenomenal faithfulness to your online design, along with the incomparable, pleasing odor of fresh, high-quality leather.

Currently the subject of a Kickstarter campaign, the Jacques Silbert custom backpacks can be yours for an early bird price of around $144, which represents a saving of nearly $155 off the expected retail price.

In an accessories market smothered with an obsession with functionality, character and true aesthetic appeal are often ignored. Jacques Silbert remedies this with a custom backpack offering that combines the greatest benefits of Internet-derived customization with good old-fashioned handcrafted mastery.