Trinus' Three-In-One Bag Can Go from Large to a Small Crossbody Style

 - Nov 21, 2018
References: indiegogo & prnewswire
Trinus launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for its innovative three-in-one bag design for travel and in just two days, 130% of the goal was reached.

The Trinus 3-in-1 boasts a unique folding system that allows the bag to be turned from a large carry-all to a laptop bag or smaller yet as a convenient, compact crossbody style. As such, the adaptable travel bag has the potential to be changed as needed to suit one's needs at the moment rather than trying to anticipate the future. Alex Nyurkin, Trinus CEO, says: "Imagine arriving at the hotel, it is very simple to take everything out of the large travel bag, fold it and walk around with a compact foldable bag. Then as you shop, you can simply fold it out for more room. The bag can be folded and unfolded in a matter of seconds."

As a true travel bag, the design meets the standard size for a carry-on and also boasts smart features like a built-in flashlight and plenty of protective pockets for valuable items.