From Haute Sustainable Shoes to Lipstick-Wearing Men

 - Jul 31, 2012
By looking at these Vivienne Westwood Designs, it's easy to see how the British fashion designer and businesswoman is responsible for bringing punk fashion into the mainstream. These quirky British fashions are thought up by none other than the fabulous flame-haired fashion icon, who is always on the cutting edge. Whether she is designing tutus for dudes or sticking to the tartan and checker fashions she's synonymous with, Westwood is always making a splash.

A Westwood runaway is never complete without some rule breaking, like sending down real gypsies as models or lipstick-wearing men. Vivienne goes beyond transforming the runways with her incredible style and by collaborating with companies to create an array of products from designer penknives to British pride paper for home decor.

Proving that Westwood is one of few designers with great adaptability, she's created a $4,000 diamond dog coat as well as low-brow luxuries that encourage fans to make their own DIY fashion. These Vivienne Westwood Designs show that the there is no slowing down the creativity of this punk fashion designer.