Channel DIY Beauty with Exaggerated Makeup a la Vivienne Westwood

 - Jun 4, 2010
References: trendstop
Drawn-on lips recall a comic book simplicity, and bring a dadaist reflection of anti-glamor. This off-center scribble, seen on the Fall 2010 runways, exaggerates cosmetics to make-believe proportions, in which an absence of reason allows bright matte colors to paint a surrealist image that is playful and slightly humorous.

Get the look by outlining your lips with a medium-weight black pencil to emulate a childlike simplicity that provokes thoughts of coloring books and naive experimentation. For a lean towards more surrealist depictions, follow Vivienne Westwood's Fall 2010-11 direction and artistically break the outline with drawn-on lips and a free-hand form of stylish expression.