85 Obama Inspirations To Accompany The Obama Victory Speech

 - Nov 5, 2008
The Obama Victory Speech will no doubt be remade into music videos and kick start his mantra of change. 

We first featured Barack Obama back on January 20, 2007. Obama was subtly mentioned as a side note in an article titled Female Presidents - Hillary Clinton Enters Presidential Race.  We didn’t yet know we’d be listening to the Obama Victory Speech.

"Just two days ago, Senator Barack Obama entered the race in a quest to become the first black president," the article read. "Clinton and Obama are the two main contenders, although Hillary Clinton is likely the front runner."

Who knew how much time would change things.

Now the win and Obama victory speech has brought hope and promises of change to American, we’d like to highlight the best of Barack Obama in a tribute slideshow below, covering the top Trend Hunter article since the day we first ‘featured’ him in January 2007.

In the gallery you’ll find everything from Obama beer, tribute dances, underwear, action figures, condoms, soda and plenty of art. It’s interesting to note too that despite Sarah Palin Fever, we never saw any innovative McCainchendise. 

Enjoy this, the 85 Obama inspirations to accompany the Obama victory speech... Also, make sure to check out our Trend Hunter TV episode: 10 Bizarre Ways to Salute Barack Obama