Obama and Sarah Palin Dancing With the Stars, Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

 - Oct 30, 2008
References: trendhunter
Alphabet soup for Obama, Sarah Palin Cabbage Patch dolls, Will Ferrell as Bush and Palin and Obama Dancing with the Stars and political Halloween Costume Ideas for your baby.  These are all part of the most bizarre new examples of Election Mania.

There has been no election in history more fueled by the bizarre.  Originally Obama’s celebrity status and McCain’s age dominated the election more so than their politics.  Then Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin stepped our of the woods and the bizarre took a downward spiral.  Now as people look for Halloween costume ideas, Sarah Palin outfits and political baby costumes seem like the natural move.

National polls suggest we are closer than ever to an Obama victory, but the Sarah Palin / John McCain drama will no doubt continue to the very end.

Enjoy this last week of Bizarre Election Mania!