Ltd Ed Shepard Fairey Prints Say Obama is Progress

Shepard Fairey's subversive 'Obey' graphics are powerful because of their vague (obey whom?) but clearly political overtones (he's depicted Stalin, Mao and even Bush). Now he has turned his attentions to Barak Obama, and the man he believes stands for progress and hope. The results have been amazing--the first run of limited edition prints sold out in 15 minutes and now he is looking at expanding his pro-Obama efforts.

Implications - Shepard Fairey said that he finally thought it was time for him to show his support for someone who has what he calls the "potential to be awesome." He hopes that people will stand behind Obama all the way to the White House, not because he wants them to, but because they too believe in Obama. Fairey tells people, "don’t vote for Barack unless you think he’s the right guy."