- Jan 9, 2009
President-elect Obama is one of the most polarizing figures of modern history. He’s successfully marketed himself to represent a feeling or an aspect of the American dream in a number of different ways.

In no other realm is this more apparent than street art. Graffiti artists have long had their careful and beautiful work lambasted as an eyesore, a public menace, a piece of unwanted art to be washed away. With the rise of Barack Obama, his message of hope and change was manifested in the growing acceptance and celebration of street art.

Shepard Fairey has been one such benefactor of Obamamania. Prior to the election, Fairey’s work was subversive and widespread. After Shepard Fairey produced the now-ubiquitous Obama ‘Hope’ poster, however, he became a household name, and his work adorned tee shirts, posters and art galleries. And now, Fairey has been commissioned to produce the official artwork for all Inauguration Day merchandise.

Simultaneously, even non-political street artists have experienced rising interest in their work from the maintream. Below, we’ve featured some advertisements by companies and regions that include street art and graffiti cues.

15 Obama Street Art Masterpieces + Commercial Graffitisements: