Why ObamaGirl Supports Barack

 - Nov 30, 2007
References: why08.org
"For centuries our nation has been plagued with politicians who are terrible dancers. It's frightening, I know. But thankfully, there is hope," ObamaGirl said in one of the most recent clips on Why08.org.

You've heard of the popularity of voting for dancers on TV shows like So You Think You Can Dance, but now people are voting for politicians who can dance! In the clip, Amber Lee, better known as ObamaGirl, talks about Barack Obama's stellar grooving abilities on the dance floor being a reason to vote for him as president.

"With his guidance we can become a stronger, more united, rhythm nation."

Why08.org can be likened to the Digg of politics or elections.

"Why08.org is a conversation community dedicated to Election 2008. To have a voice, you don't need to be a media mogul, a talking head, or even a blogger. There's an audience waiting for you at Why08.org," the site explains.

"All of us at Why08 are political junkies and we've always wanted a better way to talk politics with friends and others on the web. Message boards are fine but they could be so much better with social networking, community voting, and more. We always assumed somebody would build a site for us. No one did and we got tired of waiting."

The site lets anyone voice their opinion and vote for video clips like this one, selecting between "I support," "I'm neutral," and "I oppose."

It's a great way be heard and see what others are thinking, encouraging citizens to inform themselves on politics in a fun, interactive way.