- Aug 25, 2008
The incredible success of Dancing with the Stars signifies the re-found fascination with dancing.

Dancing almost entirely become an activity restricted to professional, independent dance, such as ballerinas, and in the 90s, break dance and hip hop. People stopped dancing together with partners; there was no waltzing at balls like happened in our grandparents’ heyday, and ballroom dancing, even Latin ballroom, was very rarely seen performed in western culture by anyone under 40.

Shows like So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing with the Stars, however, helped to bring it back. The show is watched by everyone from preteens to grandparents, and as a result, an interest in all dance forms has arisen globally.

The cluster below highlights some of the top dance innovations featured on Trend Hunter, from dancing robots to break dancing Honey Bees to dancing at the Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies. Because this is a mega-tribute to Dancing with the Stars, we’ve also included dancing architecture and even dancing gadgets! The slide also includes the most fun dance remixes out there, so make sure to go through the whole slide.

For the best possible viewing, click on the images to dance through the slideshow mode!

Tribute to Dancing with the Stars: