Applying The Law Of Attraction

 - Sep 18, 2007
References: juniorattractors
If you haven't seen the Gratitude Dance yet, you're missing out. When Oprah featured The Secret on her show, it caught the attention of thousands, but left some questions unanswered. How do you apply it? And how can we get today's young interested?

The founders of the Junior Attractors, Brad Morris and Matthew Ashdown, are looking to answer both.

The universal concept is quite simple: like attracts like. Whatever you put out, be it positive or negative, you'll attract more of it. Obviously, we want more of the good stuff, and the best way to start doing that is expressing gratitude.

The boys came up with three simple steps to attracting better things into your life:

1. Write down the things you are grateful for
2. Turn on the video
3. Do the Gratitude Dance!

All ancient civilizations had their own versions of the gratitude dance. It's a ritual that has almost entirely disappeared from our culture, but Brad and Matthew are hoping to revive it. Just like the native Americans performed a rain dance to express their gratitude to the gods of the sky, it's just as important to be thankful for the things you hope to attract in your life but don't have yet.

The Junior Attractors hope to spread this empowering message on to today's youth. "Many teenagers have shared with us how different they feel in an instant when they go from focusing on what they don't have or don't like in their life, to focusing on what they are grateful for, the abundance," they said.