Where The Hell is Matt (2008)

 - Jul 8, 2008
References: nytimes
Matt Harding, best known for his "Where the Hell is Matt" website and "Dancing" videos, has started a global impromptu dancing phenomenon.

Matt, 31, has spent the last 14 months creating a new video, called "Where the Hell Is Matt 2008," a four-and-a-half-minute YouTube clip that, since posting two weeks ago, has had 4,655,756 views. The new video was filmed in 42 countries and features thousands of people who joined Matt in his dance.

The briefly summarize for those who haven't yet seen these videos, Matt documented short clips of himself doing the same goofy dance at different places around the world, then sent them to his parents to keep them up to date with where in the world he was. He posted them on YouTube, and they quickly became a viral sensation.

Sometimes he danced alone, other times with locals in that particular region and now, it seems, he is dancing with the world. There's not talking in the videos, just moving images of a happy guy taking in the sights of the world.

Check out Matt's original video below.