Jockey Underwars

 - Mar 27, 2008
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Remember that scene in Charlie's Angels where Cameron Diaz danced around in her undies? Or when Britney Spears did the same in Cross Roads? If not, I'm sure you can imagine... and somehow I have a feeling a good lot of you have done some of your own panty prancing.

If the urge strike again soon, make sure you bust out your camera because Jockey wants to see you do it!

To participate in the Jockey Underwars contest, all you have to do is send in your video. You don't have to be young, thin or act like a model in it; in fact, the more goofy you are, the better. The videos will be rated by the public and people generally tend to favour funny stuff.

After sending in your video, yours will be entered in a dance off with another contestant. The winning Underwarrior will take home $25,000.

At time of posting, there are still 123 tournament spots left, so shake away!